Things To Do in Melbourne 

Explore Melbourne and indulge in a wide range of activities around the City. The best things to do in Melbourne can be categorised to make it easier for you to pick the one that is your favourite. Every traveller has a bucket list of activities, and things to do that are their dream goals. Well, when in Melbourne, we ask you to think again about your list. Melbourne as a city is filled with fun and natural aesthetics, that will take your breath away. Be it the St Kilda's seashore, or the Nature and Wildlife with generation-old trees along with the indigenous wildlife, the art and culture being home to different communities or more, Melbourne has everything in store for a wanderlust. 

If you like out-of-the-box experiences and wish to curate it, even more, make sure you choose the activities mentioned above along with the city laneways that have the best creative minds put in place.

Exciting Things To Do In Melbourne

When in Melbourne, drink a cup of coffee that rejuvenates your senses. Melbourne City's coffee is something that you should definitely try out once you are in the place. Visit the Little Bourke Street, South Melbourne, Ocean Road, Street Art Tour or Road, Flinders Street Station and Federation Square tour, that is well structured and decorated in a modern manner keeping the inhabitant's culture alive. Another accessible and beautiful picnic spot would be the Royal Botanic Gardens that has a picturesque beauty along with Vietnamese cuisine and a lake boat ride. To shop some awesome and authentic Melbourne customised trinkets or gifts, visit Queen Victoria Market which is one of the most visited areas of the City. 

Sightseeing Like Never Before

If you love some time travelling and often wonder what a vintage street or building would look like, make sure you visit the Degraves Street that connects to the Flinders Street in Melbourne. With a Parisian flair, this Street is often chosen as a photography lane with beautiful surroundings. Spend a day at the Melbourne Zoo that has fun activity options such as zoo sleepover and trekking along the Elephant Trail

For history enthusiasts, live the culture of the aboriginals at the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre where you can learn more about the indigenous people and get acquainted with their tales from then to now. The Yarra Valley is Victoria's wine region that has old farmhouses and vineyards across the entire area. A disclaimer? Well, there's none, but the wine houses are open for visitors who are wine connoisseurs. 

Things to do in Melbourne for Art Lovers 

When in Melbourne, do check out a classic at the Astor Theatre that is an Art-Deco cinema which has been operating since 1936. Yes, that's right! A flashback to Hollywood's first age and time takes you by surprise with the beautiful gold curtains that adorn the single screen. Another fine art that you definitely need to check out is the State Theatre. Being enormous in size and housing operas, this destination is another of the main attractions Melbourne has. Visit Abbotsford Convent that was established back in the 1800s. The convent has been transformed and now is a hub for artists, community radio broadcasts, teachers and more such enthusiasts. With a magnificent structure and gothic spires, this place has a sweet and mystical ring to the environment. 

In lieu of the pandemic situation, the government and touring companies request all visitors to abide by the guidelines laid down for safe travel. Follow and maintain the safety precautions at all times during your stay/travel.