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Qasr Al Hosn

Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest and significant building in Abu Dhabi.This landmark is our greatest historical and cultural symbol and holding the city’s first permanent structure. You will love when explore its beautiful structure, nooks and crannies.


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    • Qasr Al Hosn has Children’s Library, Indoor and open-air exhibition spaces, and a theatre and open-air amphitheater of 900 feet.
    • There is also an area for or Food and beverages, a gallery for visual arts, and workshops and learning facilities.
    • Fans of culture and craft, and those looking for unique mementoes, will love the site's House of Artisans, an incredible centre that promotes the preservation of the UAE's intangible heritage. 

    What To Expect

    Qasr Al Hosn is an important centre for people to learn about the culture of the UAE.A key attraction of this place is a week-long festival that is hosted every year. It features exhibitions, tours, competitions, and demonstrations and workshops. Visitors can participate in activities for exploring Emirati culture that includes traditional rope-making, Talli embroidery, khoos weaving and more.Rare artefacts, documents, Innovative installations, and ordinary objects at the Qasr al Hosn enlighten visitors on the past of Abu Dhabi. 

    What to expect

    visitors can enjoy an impressive collection of oral testimonies and historical photographs

    What to expect

    Qasr Al Hosn: Al Musallah Prayer Hall.

    What to expect

    Qasr Al Hosn Festival, the first-ever cultural experience that reflects and reimagines Abu Dhabi’s heritage

    What to expect

    opened open-air amphitheater that covers 900 feet. This festival feature has live dance and music shows and much more.

    معلومات النشاط

    نصائح من الداخل

    • The 400 square metre site will become a cultural park-scape, landscaped with indigenous plants and trees including palms and ghaf trees.
    • Walking from the open landscape of the park along the narrow passages between the “rocks”, the noise and bustling life of the city slowly fades away and visitors enter the cave-like entrance halls, where you can rest and talk before prayers
    •  Qasr Al Hosn at the centre, the development plans of the wider surrounding culture will that engages and educates citizens, residents, and tourists and provides visitors with an authentic experience of Emirati culture, heritage, pride and identity,

    تعرف قبل أن تذهب

    Daily activities and events Qasr Al Hosn

    • The Guards opening ceremony

    • The Guards March
    • The Guards Closing Ceremony
    • AlRazfa or the Dance of Unity
    • Marine Traditions Demonstrations
    • Al-Taghrooda or Poetry in Song
    • AlRazfa or the Dance of Unity
    • The National Emblem of The UAE: Falcon show
    • Al Ayala Performance – This program promotes and nurtures the intangible legacy of the UAE. Poetry, performance, Music, words and customary handicrafts highlight the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO


    • FRIDAY :  2PM – 10PM


    • Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St(2nd St) - Al HisnW3 - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

    الأحكام والشروط

    • Admission to House of Artisans, Cultural Foundation, and landscape is complimentary, excluding Qasr Al Hosn, special workshops and events.