• Madame Tussauds London Tickets
  • Madame Tussauds London Tickets
  • Madame Tussauds London Tickets
  • Madame Tussauds London Tickets

Madame Tussauds London Tickets

Madame Tussauds London is an internationally acclaimed attraction that showcases lifelike wax figures of celebrities, historical icons, and sports legends. Founded by Marie Tussaud in 1802, the museum has evolved into a global sensation, with the original London location still drawing millions of visitors annually. From meeting world leaders to standing alongside Hollywood stars, Madame Tussauds London offers an unforgettable journey through the realms of fame, history, and entertainment. Get your Madame Tussauds London tickets from TicketsToDo, an authorized ticket partner of the venue.

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  • Lifelike Wax Figures: The Madame Tussauds museum is renowned for its incredibly realistic and lifelike figures of celebrities, historical figures, sports stars, and fictional characters.
  • Interactive Experiences: Madame Tussauds London goes beyond static displays. Visitors can engage in interactive experiences, such as posing for photos with their favourite celebrities, trying out virtual reality adventures, and enjoying 4D cinema experiences with Marvel superheroes for immersive experiences.
  • A-List Party: The "A-List Party" section showcases a star-studded collection of Hollywood actors, musicians, and global celebrities. Rub shoulders with the likes of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and more. Guests can also relish an afternoon tea set in the stylish themed surroundings of the A-List Party room with today's biggest stars.
  • Historical Figures: History enthusiasts can explore the "Historical Figures," where they'll find wax statues of iconic personalities like William Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill, and Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Royal Family: As a tribute to British royalty, the Tussauds Museum features a Buckingham Palace experience which provides a chance to "meet" the esteemed members of the Royal Family, including late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles iii, Prince William, Duchess Kate, and the late Princess Diana.
  • Sports Legends: Sports fans can rejoice at the "Sports Stars" zone, where they can meet sporting heroes, including Muhammad Ali, Usain Bolt, and David Beckham.
  • World Leaders: The "World Leaders" section showcases influential political figures from around the world, allowing visitors to stand alongside Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama, and Margaret Thatcher.
  • Star Wars Experience: The Star Wars fans can immerse in the galaxy far, far away with realistic figures of characters like Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker. The interactive displays bring the Star Wars universe to life.
  • Marvel Universe 4D: The museum collaborates with Marvel, offering an exhilarating Marvel Universe 4D experience with superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America.
  • Spirit of London Ride: This London ride takes visitors through London's rich history, showcasing iconic landmarks. The London ride features a state-of-the-art taxi-style vehicle equipped with high-definition screens and special effects.
  • Historic Significance: While Madame Tussauds London is primarily a famous waxwork museum, it also offers visitors a glimpse into the capital's history.
  • The Chamber of Horrors: This eerie exhibit features figures of notorious serial killers, infamous criminals, and classic horror movie characters. The graphic nature of the Chamber of Horrors creates a chilling ambiance, but it is not recommended for young children or sensitive individuals.
  • Alien Escape: A thrilling multi-sensory walk-through experience, "Alien Escape," based on the acclaimed blockbuster Alien: Covenant, invites both fans of the Alien franchise and visitors to embark on a terrifying journey aboard the Covenant ship.

What To Expect

When you visit Madame Tussauds London, a grand red carpet welcomes you. Stepping through the doors, you immediately find yourself in the "A-List Party" section, face-to-face with lifelike wax figures of Hollywood stars, legendary musicians, and favourite celebrities including John Boyega, Zendaya, and supermodels like Kendall and Cara.

As you proceed, you transport back in time, where iconic personalities from history come to life. You can rub shoulders alongside the likes of William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I, experiencing a taste of the past. The "Royal Family" exhibit pays tribute to British royalty, allowing guests to pose alongside Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, and Duchess Kate. You can even witness the display of exquisite royal attire.

Moving forward, the museum offers interactive experiences such as posing for photos with your favourite stars, engaging in virtual reality adventures, and enjoying thrilling 4D cinema experiences with superheroes and famous characters from Marvel Universe 4D to Sherlock Holmes experience. You can relive iconic moments from pop culture.

Sports enthusiasts find joy in the "Sports Stars" zone, meeting idols like Muhammad Ali, Usain Bolt, and David Beckham.

For those seeking a chilling encounter, the "Chamber of Horrors" provides an eerie experience into dark history, true crime, and folklore. However, sensitive individuals and young children are advised to skip this.

Anybody can hop in the "Spirit of London," which is a captivating and immersive ride that begins at Marylebone Rd at Madame Tussauds and takes visitors through iconic landmarks of the city. Visitors are transported through different eras, from the Great Fire of London to the swinging '60s and beyond.

The experience concludes with a chance to explore the gift shop, where you can find souvenirs and mementos. Within the museum, there are dining options available for guests to enjoy a meal or refreshments.

Visit Madame Tussauds London for an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression and makes it a must-visit attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Signage displaying 'Madame Tussauds London' prominently written on a wall, marking the entrance to the famed wax museum.

Experience a major tourist attraction in London.

Signage with 'Shrek's Adventure' inscribed on a wall, indicating the entrance to the popular attraction.

Experience popular film and television characters played by famous actors.

Close-up view of renowned historical figures, revealing intricate details and lifelike appearances.

Have a closer look of famous and historical figures.

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Insider Tips

  • Book Online: To save time and avoid long queues, it's best to purchase tickets online in advance from TicketsToDo. You can save money by using promo codes when booking online.
  • Visit Early or Late: Consider visiting early morning or late afternoon to avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxed experience.
  • Weekdays vs. Weekends: Visit on weekdays as it tends to be less crowded, making it easier to take photos and enjoy interactive experiences.
  • Start from the Top Floor: When you enter Madame Tussauds, consider starting from the top floor and making your way down. This way, you'll avoid the crowds that tend to accumulate at the main entry.
  • Focus on Your Interests: Prioritize the sections that interest you the most, whether it's Hollywood stars, historical figures, or superheroes. This way, you can fully enjoy the exhibits that resonate with you.
  • Take Photos Strategically: Some wax statues have designated photo spots for the best angles and lighting. Look for the designated marks on the floor and take advantage of these spots to capture the most realistic and impressive photos.
  • For Kids: From meeting favorite characters like superheroes from the Marvel Universe and Disney icons to interacting with lifelike wax figures of celebrities and historical figures, kids love photo ops with them. The interactive elements like 4D cinema experiences, add excitement to their visit.
  • Explore nearby places: Madame Tussauds London is surrounded by several popular London attraction. Regent's Park, located nearby, offers beautiful gardens and the London Zoo. Fans of Sherlock Holmes can visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, while shopping enthusiasts will enjoy the bustling Oxford Street. The Wallace Collection, British Museum, and Hyde Park are also easily accessible from Madame Tussauds and these attractions provide a diverse range of art, culture, and outdoor experiences.
  • Fast Track Tickets: This pass allows you to bypass the standard queue and gives you quick entry to most of London's attractions. You can walk to the Fast Track entrance and get in.

Know Before You Go

Entry & Services:

Opening hours till 20 October:

  • Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 03:00 pm.
  • Weekends: 10:00 am to 04:00 pm.

Opening hours from 21 October:

  • Monday to Sunday: 09:00 am - 05:00 pm.
  • Parking facilities are available in the vicinity but unavailable onsite.
  • You can carry your camera and take pictures for personal use only.
  • Wheelchair-accessible venue.
  • Book 24 hours prior to your visit in case you are in need of a wheelchair to ensure availability.

Ticket Information:

  • Skip the line and pre-book your Madame Tussauds London Tickets with us.
  • You can show the Madame Tussauds e-ticket at the entry.
  • No mutilated ticket will be entertained.
  • At any time if you are unable to make it on the day of the booking, you can change the date and book it for a later date.
  • If you are booking or opting for a concession ticket, make sure you carry the necessary documents and ID.
  • All children under the age of 3 can go free but require a valid ticket without any fee.

How To Use

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  • Madame Tussauds London is only valid during the period specified in the selected package.
  • You can enter directly with this ticket.

Getting to Madame Tussauds London is convenient as it is located in a central part of the city and is well-connected by public transport.

London Underground:
 The nearest London Underground station to Madame Tussauds is Baker Street Station. It is served by multiple lines, including the Bakerloo, Jubilee, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City, and Circle lines. From Baker Street station, it's just a short walk.

By Train:
Marylebone Station is within 10 minutes walking distance of Madame Tussauds. Euston, St.Pancras, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo and Charing Cross mainline stations are all within five stops on the underground.

Bus Services:
 Several bus routes serve the area around Madame Tussauds, making it easily accessible by bus. Bus stops are located close by, and you can check the Transport for London (TfL) website for specific bus routes and schedules.

Hop-On Hop-Off Tours
Many hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus tours include Madame Tussauds as one of their stops. Taking a hop-on hop-off tour can be a convenient and informative way to reach while also seeing other major attractions in the city.

Walking and Cycling
If you're staying nearby or in a central location, walking or cycling to Madame Tussauds is a viable option. London is pedestrian-friendly, and there are designated cycling lanes in many areas.

Taxi and Ride-Sharing:
 Taxis and ride-sharing services are widely available in London, offering another convenient transportation option for getting to Madame Tussauds.

 While it's not recommended to drive in central London due to traffic and congestion, there are parking facilities available near Madame Tussauds if you prefer to drive. Keep in mind that driving may not be the most practical option, especially during peak hours.

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  • How can I purchase tickets to Madame Tussauds London?

    Passes for Madame Tussauds London can be purchased online through TicketsToDo, an authorized ticket seller at best price.

  • Are there different ticket options available?

    Yes, Madame Tussauds London offers various ticket options, including standard entry, fast-track for quicker entry, and combination tickets with access to other nearby attractions.

  • Can I buy tickets in advance?

    Absolutely! It is recommended to buy passes in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to secure your preferred date and time slot and avoid waiting in long queues.

  • Is there an age limit for tickets?

    No, there is no age limit. All guests require a valid ticket to enter. However, babies under 2 years enter for free. Children under 15 years old, must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

  • How much time should I allocate for a visit to Madame Tussauds London?

    The average visit to Madame Tussauds London usually takes around 2 to 3 hours, but visitors can explore the attractions at their own pace.

  • Are there any special events or experiences at Madame Tussauds London?

    Madame Tussauds Museum often hosts special cultural events and limited-time experiences, including collaborations with movie studios, themed exhibits, and interactive installations. Check the official website for the latest updates on special events.

  • How do I save money on Madame Tussauds tickets?

    Save money on the tickets by booking online from TicketsToDo. You can use promo codes to avail discounts and even secure a cashback. Please note that Fast track passes save money if you make the most of it.

  • Can I reschedule my tickets?

    Contact our customer care to reschedule your tickets. Terms and conditions apply.