Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours
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Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours

The Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi is the first and only institution in the United Arab Emirates dedicated to the care and preservation of falcons. The hospital offers tours to the public so they can learn about these beautiful birds and their efforts to protect them. It is the largest Falcon hospital in the world and was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing the highest standard of care for falcons. The hospital has a team of veterinarians, avian specialists, and falconers who work together to provide the best possible care for these majestic birds. 

Come watch the 11,000 majestic falcons in their natural habitat with the Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours with TicketsToDo.

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Last Updated: 7th Jun 2024
Fixed Date Ticket
4 Hours
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  • Get up close and personal with these noble birds. The visit to our unique falconry museum where you get a deep insight into the traditional heritage of falconry with displays of special tools and equipment.
  • Insight into the registration process and falcons' unique passports, revealing intricate information about death loss, mating, and captivity situations.
  • The visit to our unique falconry museum where you get a deep insight into the traditional heritage of falconry with displays of special tools and Falcons.
  • The highlight of the tour will be a unique memory for you. You will have the extraordinary opportunity to take photos with the majestic falcons sitting on your arm.
  • Alternatively, you can choose an optional highlight - an Intercontinental buffet. You have a choice of a theme dinner or lunch buffet, with all-you-can-eat food and drink choices.
  • You will also see animals roaming free in their natural environment, including parrots and peacocks.

What To Expect

The Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours offer the public a chance to learn more about UAE’s national bird, the legendary falcon, which is truly a sight to behold. The tour takes you through the hospital, where you will learn about the different treatments that the birds receive. You will also get to see the birds up close and learn about their individual personalities. The tour lasts approximately 120 minutes, and it is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved. The tour is suitable for all ages, and it is a great way to learn more about these amazing creatures. 

It's not every day you get to see a hospital tour like this! Join our Emirati guides on this guided tour and learn about the legend of the falcon and the history behind it. Let these amazing creatures sit on your hand as you pose for the cameras! 

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Insider Tips

  • Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is world-renowned, having been featured in TV and media articles worldwide.
  • Opened its doors in 2007 to visitors, the "Falcon World Tour" offers an exciting and interactive tour all around falcons.
  • Provides a deep insight into the world of falcons, their history, and how they live today.
  • The hospital includes a dedicated research center that is constantly working to improve medical treatments for falcons.
  • Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is the only hospital in the world that specializes exclusively in the care of falcons.
  • It is a world-renowned tourist destination for its unique tourism program and has received several international awards for its tourism program.
  • ADFH is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world.
  • Each year nearly 11,000 falcons get examined and treated at ADFH.
  • Since 2006 the falcon hospital has become a fully-fledged specialized avian hospital for all kinds of birds and poultry species.
  • The hospital was established by Environmental Agency – Abu Dhabi and opened on 3rd of October, 1999.

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Know Before You Go

Entry & Services

Opening hours: 

  • Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM and 02:00 PM.
  • Friday 10:00 AM
  • Sunday 10:00 AM
  • All opening timings are from Sunday to Friday except Saturday and public holidays.
  • Children below the age of 5 years have no charge.
  • The Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi tours are of 4 hours (approx.) where you can meet the majestic falcons in their natural habitat.
  • The Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours have two-time slots available i.e, 9 am Morning Tour and 1 pm Afternoon Tour.

Covid 19 guidelines

  • The Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours has implemented various health and safety measures to protect visitors. 
  • All visitors are required to undergo thermal screening upon entry and must wear a mask at all times. 
  • Visitors are also encouraged to maintain a safe distance from others and to use hand sanitizer frequently.
  •  To avoid long queues and large crowds, visitors are advised to pre-book their tickets in advance.

Tickets Information

  • All online payments are non-refundable. 
  • In accordance with the latest government guidelines, all visitors aged 16 and above must present a ‘GREEN’ status on the Alhosn app to gain entry to Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours.
  • Guests are kindly requested to arrive 10 minutes before their booked time slot. 
  • To ensure the safety of everyone on the premises, guests must keep a distance of at least 2m from others at all times.
  • Guests are asked to leave the premises immediately after the tour has finished.
  • All visitors must strictly comply with the policies, procedures, and rules of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital.

How To Use

  • An E-Ticket for Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours will be provided to you on your Email ID after your Booking.
  • You are required to carry a copy of the E-Ticket.


Near the Abu Dhabi International Airport - Sweihan Rd - Abu Dhabi
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Located very close (approximately 6 kilometers) from Abu Dhabi International Airport. Its premises can be found on the right side along the Abu Dhabi - Sweihan road 3 km after the Sweihan Bridge.

Taxis are available from all parts of the city as well as all hotels.

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  • How much is a falcon in Abu Dhabi?

    In UAE, the price for a peregrine ranges from 4,000 to 5000 AED, and for a top-quality gyrfalcon the prices can go up to 100,000 AED.

  • Why is the falcon important to the UAE?

    The falcon is considered a potent symbol of the nation's strength and heritage.
    With the falcon's presence in the UAE, it has become an important part of their culture. The falcon is often seen in murals and paintings that take up large sections of wall space.

  • Where can I see falcons in Abu Dhabi?

    The one place to watch the bird in Abu Dhabi is the world's largest and most advanced falcon hospital- Falcon Hospital Abu Dhabi Tours