Things To Do In Beijing

Beijing, the capital of China has in numerous histories and stories from the Forbidden City to the Great Wall of China. When you are in Beijing, you not only get to indulge in various activities but also learn more about the culture and heritage of the place. The City is advancing technologically and in terms of architecture bringing you a wide range of structures, and restored monuments depicting the glorious past of the City in front of the travellers. Beijing can be called the perfect combination of the age-old history blending in with the modern world, providing you with a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience when you visit the place. 

Popular Outdoor Activities in Beijing  

The Beihai Park is visited by travellers where they can interact with the locals and know more about the culture. Enjoy the bird's nest and water cube in Beijing Olympic Park, pandas in the Beijing Zoo, Ming Tombs, or Sanlitun's nightlife. Starting off with the Great Wall of China, an enormous wall that stretches for 4000 miles, this is one of the most prominent structures of the City. One can easily climb up or take a more challenging route of Jinshanling or Jiankou. The wall has both rugged and restored areas which are safe for visitors. Also, you can opt for an exclusive nighttime tour to Simatai to witness the night views. Do visit the Forbidden City, where the imperial palace and the largest palatial structure is restored for visitors.

Indulge in the Best Things To Do When in Beijing 

Learn and know about the ancient culture and history when you opt for a tour guide. To witness some royalty, take a tour to The Temple of Heaven, where emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties used to worship heaven. Another place for worship is the Lama Temple that helps you perceive how the locals worship their god. Hutongs in Beijing are the mazes of narrow alleys that connect to traditional houses with a courtyard. You can walk around or take a rickshaw to explore these alleyways. Visit the Summer Palace, a well preserved imperial garden that is magnificent in its structure. You can also enjoy a Dragon Boat Ride on Kunming Lake exploring the beauty of the Summer Palace. Also, do not miss out on the Old Summer Palace. If you love opera, then have a gala time at the Beijing Opera Performances at the Liyuan Theatre. To shop some exquisite and authentic Chinese trinkets, shop at the Panjiayuan Antique Market. 

Beijing- Where Ancient History Meets Modernization

Beijing not only covers the ancient history but also the urban culture of the inhabitants there. The 798 Art District is situated in the northern area and celebrates art and culture. With vibrant and colourful decor, this area has abundant cafes, bakeries, and gallery theatres. Lastly, when in Beijing, watch a kung fu show that comprises challenging martial arts skills. 

In lieu of the pandemic situation, the government and touring companies request all visitors to abide by the guidelines laid down for safe travel. Follow and maintain the safety precautions at all times during your stay/travel.