The Best Things to do in Shanghai

Unlike some touristic destinations that are widely known for their imperial attractions, Shanghai is known for its own range of spectacular and unique more-modern highlights. If you’re a fan of vibrant nightlife, couture houses, places of religious and cultural importance, architectural marvels, amazing food, and the likes, then you will love exploring Shanghai. We have prepared an ultimate list of things to do in Shanghai and things to see in Shanghai that are guaranteed to make your Shanghai tour worthwhile.

Wondering What To Do In Shanghai?

Being a vibrant metropolis, Shanghai often has an atmosphere of vitality and self-confidence. The place is home to some of the world’s best attractions, food, temples, clubs, parks, museums, and more. If you have consumed various traveler resources online, but are still unable to prepare an itinerary for your upcoming trip to Shanghai, then let us help you out. To make the most of your day trip, you should visit the main touristic attraction of the city. The French concession, science and technology museums, Zhou Zhuang water town, shanghai Disneyland, shanghai world financial center, oriental pearl TV tower, and Yuyuan garden (Yu garden) will be the perfect addition to your day tours.

You should also visit Huangpu Qu shanghai shi and explore the outdoor activity to know the place better. The Longhua temple, Jingan temple, and city god temple of Shanghai are very popular, and you should surely not miss a chance to visit them. For history buffs, a visit to the history museum is a must. If you have slightly more time in hand, then you should also check out the local shopping mall, enjoy a ride in the Maglev train, take a cruise along the Huangpu river, and chill in a famous club in Shanghai.

Best Activities in Shanghai

Your daily tours in Shanghai are incomplete without the city’s best activities. While the list of best activities in Shanghai can be endless, you should curate the final list depending on your preferences. From enjoying the organized wildlife tours to getting a glimpse of the art galleries, exploring the local foods scene to watching the live acrobatics show- there is a lot that can be done in Shanghai. If you’ve never visited Shanghai before, then you should definitely go and take a walk in the famous Nanjing road pedestrian street.

Having a hearty meal at the Din Tai Fung, a Taiwanese restaurant, and enjoying the sight of the shanghais skyline can also add delight to your entire trip. The entire city is well-connected through bullet train, so tourists never face a problem while commuting to different Shanghai attractions. If you’re on a short trip, then you should visit all the places mentioned above. If you are planning on a long stay in Shanghai, then you can add more places on your “things to see in Shanghai” list.        

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