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Things to do in Seoul

Seoul, a progressive city in South Korea, is best known for blending ultra-modern technology with unmatched historical significance. Be it exploring the structural brilliance of the Seoul city or treading across the enchanting landscapes, there are several places to visit and things to do in Seoul, regardless of your gender, age, and preferences.

 We have shortlisted the topmost attractions and activities to indulge in this beautiful South Korean city, so read along to know more.

Top Attractions in Seoul That are Totally Worth Your Time & Attention

We would always recommend travelers to start with the famous Seoul tower that offers the best view of the city. The tower itself features observation decks and a unique rotating restaurant. After experiencing Seoul from a height, it’s time for you to consider the Bukchon Hanok village that offers insights into the Korean architecture and cultural elements.

Assuming you would want to know more about the country and even the city in general, a trip to the famous National Museum of Korea is a pretty good choice. This museum allows you to look at the excellent artwork that is exclusive to South Korea. You can head over to the Korean War Memorial that is at a stone’s throw distance from the museum.

Are You a Nature or Art Lover? If Yes, You’ll Love These Places

If you are in Seoul, the Gyeongbokgung Palace should be on your priority list. Packed with artwork and antiques that date back to the Joseon Dynasty, this is one of the topmost attractions in Seoul. The palace also features a folk museum. If you still want to know about the hidden gems in this city, the Seoul Museum of Art is also an excellent choice.

Provided you want to explore Seoul under the open skies, the Cheonggyecheon stream isn’t something to be missed. Despite being a natural creek, it doesn’t try up and has been around since 2005. Besides that, you can also take a stroll in the Hangang Park or end up visiting the diverse array of shopping malls for exploring the shopping options.

Best Activities in Seoul to Explore Like a Local

Seoul is a city that never runs dry in terms of innovative and exciting activities to participate in. You can either start a day trip by connecting with reliable city guides or explore the likes of Lotte World and Coex Aquarium with the entire family. If shopping is your favorite activity, consider the famous Myeongdong shopping street for purchasing products from the wholesale market.

There are several markets in Seoul if you are looking to make sizeable purchases during your stay. That said, while shopaholics can look for markets, family-centric holidays are best cumulated at the Everland, a great strolling park for the globetrotters. Not just that, to explore the flora and fauna, you can head straight to the Bukhansan national park. 

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