Best Things To Do In Cairo

Cairo, the city of the Thousand Minarets, is a combination of ancient and modern culture. Beyond the contemporary hustle-bustle, Cairo is a perfect example of ancient yet amazingly exquisite architecture standing for hundreds of years. So, if you are currently planning a trip to this serene city, we have a well-curated bucket list to make your trip a memorable one.

Major Attractions In Cairo

Cairo is the perfect vacation place for you if you are a fan of the architecture of old times. From mosques, monuments to the pyramids, you have a long list of places to visit during your trip to this historical venue. One of the most beautiful seven wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramids of Giza, tops the list with its magnificence and beauty. In the same complex, we find the Great Sphinx of Giza, a statue with the body of a lion and head of a human that will surely leave you awestruck.

Several major tourist attractions in Cairo include religious places like mosques and churches that have been built decades ago. Some other significant inclusions in the list are Sultan Hassan mosque, Alabaster Mosque, and Ali Mosque, which holds a different kind of peace and calmness in its atmosphere.

 One of the oldest churches of the Middle East, the Hanging Church, and Ben Ezra Synagogue resides in the heart of the city. You can go for a day trip and explore all these religious places, which are the epitomes of beautiful artwork of ancient times. Cairo is a splendid place where you can explore Egyptian culture to the maximum, so make sure you plan a long trip to the city.

Things To Do In Cairo

You would definitely want to extend your trip for a couple of more days as this city has a lot more in store. You can spend a day in Cairo visiting the markets and exploring the lifestyle of the native people. You can visit Khan Elkhalili market, which is a major shopping destination, or have a perfect dinner at Abou Tarek’s restaurant offering multi-national cuisines. You cannot miss out on visiting the museums and other historical places like the Egyptian Museum, Valley of the Kings, Cave Church, and Bab Zuwelia that are bound to leave you spellbound.

Cairo is not all about sightseeing alone; it has a lot more on its plate. A tour of the cruise on the Nile is something that no tourist should miss. It is guaranteed to give you a whole new experience. You can also visit the Gezira Island on a boat tour or experience the unforgettable vibes at the Cairo opera theatre while enjoying some spectacular events. Enjoying the camel ride in the pyramid complex or going out for night tours is something you would not want to miss.

Now that we have hand-picked some of the best places to visit in Cairo and things to do in Cairo, you are sure not to miss out on anything. But before you leave, make sure to book online tickets to some of the best destinations or major attractions in Cairo from our website.

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