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Dreamland Aqua Park Dubai

Dreamland Aqua Park is one of the UAE’s largest theme park and the largest family Water Park. Spread across 250,000 square meters, filled with lush green, landscaped gardens and almost everything for an enjoyable holiday escape, such as more than thrilling rides.

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    • Experience ultimate Dreamland Aqua Park’s overnight camping for 2 days full of fun, exciting rides and memorable experience or just enjoy our Cabana for a one day rental.
    • Amphitheatre facility is reminiscent of the great Roman coliseum  and can accommodate 1500 seated persons in a setting perfectly adapted for musical concerts, corporate events and shows.
    • Dry Sport: Ready to get sweat in our basketball, tennis & volleyball courts.A great way to enjoy some group games and activities and dry out under the sun!
    • Secure all valuables and belongings at the lockers or with a friend at all times

    What to Expect

    With over 30 different activities to try in the aqua park, it is sometimes challenging to fit everything within the available time constraints. We offer your visit to the theme park full of thrilling rides, slides, overnight camping facilities and many others. If you are a sports lover, you will love the gigantic wave pool with 1,250,000 liters of water. Moreover, the Dead Sea, Hippo Island, Aqua play and the twisting dragon will make your kids happiest that day. In addition to that, the Park’s mini pet and is an attraction for animal lovers.Fun is a right for everyone!

    What to expect

    Aqua Play is an interactive pool that comprises 19 different game options for kids.

    What to expect

    Having a some more fun with water-themed attractions

    What to expect

    Enjoy your time bonding with your family at this waterpark

    معلومات النشاط

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    • We will make sure that your stay at Dreamland Aqua Park is adventurous, safe and comfortable. We are happy to offer you economical packages to experience the best.
    •  Video zone with a wide range of electronic games and simulators will cheer up people of all ages.
    • Explore the subcontinent, Chinese, and continental food to enjoy various tastes

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    Dreamland Aqua Park Ramadan Timings: 10 AM - 4 PM



    • Al Shebeakah - Umm Al Quawain - United Arab Emirates

    الأحكام والشروط

    • Food and Drinks are not allowed from outside.
    • Junior admission is referred as Kid between 120cm-80cm
    • General admission is referred as Adults above 120cm
    • Senior Citizen is referred to any person above 65 years
    • Infant is referred to a baby below 80cm