• Basilica di San Marco Tickets
  • Basilica di San Marco Tickets
  • Basilica di San Marco Tickets
  • Basilica di San Marco Tickets
  • Basilica di San Marco Tickets

Basilica di San Marco Tickets

Step into history with Basilica di San Marco Tickets. Explore the cultural heart of Venice, where centuries of art and magnificence await your discovery. Admission tickets to Basilica di San Marco Tickets. Children aged 0-5 can enter free.

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Last Updated: 7th Jun 2024
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  • Architectural Splendor: Experience the sacred beauty, Gothic goldsmithing, Flemish tapestries, Medicean art, and the Loggia dei Cavalli's unrivaled view in Piazza San Marco.

  • St. Mark's Campanile: Ascend the 16th-century St. Mark's Bell Tower, Venice's tallest structure, for panoramic views. It once served as a lighthouse and has a unique modern lift.

  • Spiritual Magnificence: Experience the spiritual aura of this sacred space, where centuries of devotion and cultural significance converge to create an atmosphere of tranquility and awe.

  • Cultural Heritage: Explore the heart of Venice's cultural heritage as you wander through the basilica, encountering masterpieces that speak to the city's rich history and artistic prowess.

  • Panoramic Views: Opt for an elevated experience by climbing to the terrace, offering panoramic views of Venice that are nothing short of spectacular.

  • Timeless Atmosphere: Enjoy a journey through time as you witness the seamless blend of Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance influences, creating an ambiance that transcends eras and captivates the imagination.

What To Expect

Anticipate a journey through time and artistry with Basilica di San Marco Tickets. Your entrance unveils a breathtaking spectacle of golden mosaics, intricate architecture, and centuries-old tales enshrined in the iconic heart of Venice. Traverse the hallowed halls where cultural legacies come to life, and immerse yourself in the spiritual and artistic treasures that define this remarkable landmark. With each step, discover the essence of Venice's rich heritage and let Basilica di San Marco weave an unforgettable tapestry of history, culture, and architectural marvels right before your eyes.

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  • Cover shoulders and knees for an elegant and respectful visit.
  • While professional photography and filming for public use are restricted.
  • Keep the tranquility intact by refraining from loud explanations; opt for earphones for a more personal experience.
  • Leave luggage behind; find storage nearby for hassle-free exploration.

Know Before You Go

Entry & Services:

  • Arrive within 5 minutes of your timeslot for a hassle-free start.
  • Flash your ticket on the left side at the entrance for a quick entry into the Basilica's wonders.

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P.za San Marco, 328, 30100 Venezia VE, Italy
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