Things to do in Toronto

A trip to Toronto, the largest Canadian city, is packed with endless possibilities. Besides a dynamic and diverse mix of attractions, including galleries and scenic beauties, the city also allows you to indulge in bike tours and other adrenaline rushing activities. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the best things to do in Toronto, we have curated the ultimate travel list for your upcoming Toronto trip.

Top Attractions in Toronto You Cannot Afford to Miss

Going downtown takes you straight to the famous Ripley’s Aquarium, where you can almost feel like interacting with the sea-creatures via the transparent layer of glass. Without a single doubt, it is one of the prime attractions in Toronto that deserves to be in your itinerary, followed by a visit to the fabled Toronto islands. The Island Park is accessible via a ferry and comes across with several scenic indulgences.

The glass-floored CN tower is a hotspot for travelers, who are willing to experience the magnificence of the Western Hemisphere’s tallest structure. However, if you suddenly feel like shopping, you can head towards the packed Farmer’s Market or can halt at the historic, St. Lawrence Market.

Make the Most from Your Toronto Day Trips

If you have the better part of the day to spare, it is advisable to visit the Royal Ontario Museum. A trip to Toronto feels incomplete if you haven’t had the opportunity to visit this culturally-enriched place. Out here, you can experience different art galleries while getting the option to explore Toronto from a historical purview.

The Hockey Hall of Fame is also an enthralling option that recognizes the hockey stalwarts and the best players to have played the sport. That said, if you have an extra day, you can head over to the Niagara Falls for a rewarding day trip. Packed with scenic heartthrobs, this attraction also opens up several opportunities for you to experience adventurous activities in Toronto.

Best Activities in Toronto

At Niagara Falls, you can either opt for a basic sightseeing tour or start looking for safe yet exciting boat tours. You can also consider a cruise that takes you to the enchanting Horseshoe Falls. Not just that, spending the night at the Niagara Falls gives you the best view of the Toronto city.

You can also take your kids to the Toronto Zoo or the MZTV museum of television, helping them learn more about the city in general. Looking for more exciting options? If yes, then the Toronto bicycle tours can turn out to be the most rewarding options to consider.

Toronto is a city that offers you several opportunities to make the visit worthwhile. During the trip, you can either visit a local pub to unwind or enroll for the multiple hiking trails to cater to the junkie in you.

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