Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro

Known for its sparkling beaches and green belts, Rio De Janeiro is the land where heaven meets earth. It is the epitome of tourism in South America, attracting tourists from across the globe with its modern outlook showing its growth over the decades. If you are planning for a trip to this beautiful place, you should surely go through our detailed bucket list that will make your trip worthwhile.

Major Attractions in Rio De Janeiro

The list of places to visit in Rio De Janeiro is too long to be exhausted in a couple of weeks. For travel lovers like you, we have selected a few major attractions and activities which are of utmost importance to be included in your Rio De Janeiro itinerary. From beaches to hills and mountains to parks to churches and other historical places, this place is a treasure trove for tourists.

 It is said that there is nothing like the beaches of Rio De Janeiro to refresh your mood and calm your senses. The Ipanema Beach and Copacabana Beach are among the liveliest places full of people from across South America. The centuries-old statue, Christ The Redeemer, is something that puts De Janeiro on the map of the world. Not visiting this place will surely leave your Rio De Janeiro trip incomplete.

Going on hiking trails is something every young individual aspires to do, and there is no better place than Rio for this adventure. Morro da Urca, Pedra Da Gavea and DoisIrmaos are the best places for an amazing day trip to the top of the peak. The city’s view from the top will leave you spellbound, and you would not want to come down soon. Tijuca forest and Parque Lage provide an enjoyable experience to the nature lovers as they are the epitome of what is called ‘Nature at its Best.’

Best Activities in Rio De Janeiro

This beautiful city has so much to offer that your itinerary needs to be perfectly planned so that you don’t miss out on anything worthy of your time. You can go on sightseeing tours and explore the magnificence of the city. Historical places like Pedra Do sal, EscadariaSelaron, and the famous Metropolitan Cathedral are famous tourist attractions that you should visit. Art museums and art galleries like the Museum of tomorrow have a collection of the best art pieces and sculptures. You can go on helicopter tours and cable car rides and explore the beauty of the neighbourhoods of Rio like Santa Teresa and Sao Cristavao from the top.

When in Brazil, how can one miss the samba night or the night tours walking across the city? Water sports and live music are like the heart and brain of this energetic city. Rodrigo De Freitas, a lagoon, has a perfect vacation vibe with top-notch multi-uisine restaurants surrounding it. A visit to this place on the last day of the trip will surely make it the best one. 

Now that you know what Rio has in store for its tourists, you would surely want to visit it. Before you quickly pack your bags, be sure to buy the tickets for the major Rio De Janeiro attractions online from TicketsToDo to avoid wasting time.