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The pandemic brought about a lot of things to a halt. Along with other things, everybody’s plans of traveling had to be paused. But who says it has been completely stopped? You can always travel from home too! Wondering how? Check out our blog and find out ways to travel right from the comfort of your couch. All you need to do is go places mentally and virtually. Travel from home by reading travel books, watching movies and documentaries based on going places, or reads travel blogs. There are just so many ways to do it. You could also engage in virtual tours of all the famous destinations across the world.  

7 ways to deal with ‘not-being-able-to-travel’ blues

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Dubai public transit is one of the largest and smoothest networks in the entire world. You can choose your way of commute according to your budget. From trams, buses, taxi to monorails and the metro, modern and cost-effective ways of transport will certainly make your trip easier. Today, TicketsToDo will provide you a user-friendly guide …

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dubai travel guide

Flying in or out of the Emirates? Dubai better be on your travel list, and we will help you check it out! With almost 16 million tourists annually, the city of skyscrapers has been offering the best to every visitor. Now it’s your turn and we will help you get around easily with our Dubai …

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ways to deal with the lack of travel

Once upon a time, everybody had plans of traveling and some even had their tickets booked way in advance. Sorry I’m not sugar-coating this but enter COVID-19, and all these plans turned into unrealistic dreams. On the brighter side, just because it hasn’t doesn’t mean it never will! You don’t have to totally cancel out …

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