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Elephant Safari Ride

Take a walk with the elephants at the Bali Elephant Safari Park by Mason Adventures. The Elephant Safari Ride offers you the chance to ride atop one of these giants of the jungle as the elephants stroll through the cool Taro jungle. Experience walking into the tropical garden with the scenic pathway on top of Sumatran Elephant. Accompanied with experience guide trough the cool Taro village, interacting with the giant mammals on earth make a kind of memorable holiday in Bali Island.

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$ 55
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آخر تحديث 19th July 2021

    من عند
    $ 55
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    • Elephant ride offers a breathtaking experience as the largest land mammal in the world takes you on an extraordinary and exhilarating journey around an African Themed Panorama.
    • You can feed the elephants, ride the elephant, watch, and play with the elephant. 


    What To Expect

    Bali elephant ride with adventure experience then will be combined with many options such as Bali white water rafting, Volcano, Ubud or many other combination.Enjoy by children and adults of all ages, the Bali Elephant ride is a fun, safe activity for those who want to get close to the large animals and learn more about them.. Visit the elephant park or ride one of them in the lush jungle can be you must do activity while your holiday in Bali Island.

    What to expect

    An experience you’ll never forget, interacting and exercising with our resident giants

    What to expect

    the elephant ride and attraction with the marvelous and the impression adventure by taking a ride on elephant at the same time encircle the Bali nature makes your holiday in Bali full of memory.

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    Operating Hours

    Daily ( 9AM - 3PM )


    • Carangsari, Petang, Badung Regency, Bali 80353, Indonesia

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    Bali Elephant Park with Afternoon Cycling and Night Safari Admission with Meals غير متوفر
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